A little French Bistro in the heart of Newry

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9AM – 12PM (Breakfast)

12PM – 3PM (Lunch)


9AM – 12PM (Breakfast)

12PM – 3PM (Lunch)

5PM – 9.30PM (Dinner)


9AM – 12PM (Breakfast)

12PM – 3PM (Lunch)

5PM – 10.30PM (Dinner)


5PM-10.30PM (Dinner)

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14 Sugar Island


BT35 6HT

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We made a movie about what it’s like to live a day in the life of Sugar Supper Club.

we’re different you’re different we like that

Supper Club: (sup.per club) noun . a relaxed and casual dining establishment .

.underground restaurant advertised by word of mouth and on social media networks. .

. illegal type of restaurant often with higher standards than many licensed restaurants, giving the customer the ability to try new food at a low cost.

Origin: 1930s prohibition roadhouses Other names: anti-restaurant, guestaurants, speak-easy, paladares.

Supper Clubs were born in 1930’s South America out of peoples love for good food, friendly hospitality & their need to make a living. In an era of mediocre, expensive restaurants, financial struggles and government over-regulation, Supper Clubs were the solution. Mainly opened in peoples own living rooms or in clandestine back street locations accessed through unmarked doors & advertised only by word of mouth, through a friend of a friend of a friend, (the original social media) Supper Clubs became the most sought after and best dining experiences.

Sugar Supper Club has opened in the spirit of those pioneers, through our love of great food & great hospitality as well as a reasonable bill. We have no dress code, rock & roll on the stereo, blackboards to graffiti & a mission to have a great time.

Welcome, we’re glad you came

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